A Remarkable Man
Ed Thompson's Story




Ed Thompson had been a boxer, professional poker player, tavern owner, construction worker, and salesman, but unlike his older brother, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, Ed hated politics. When his Monroe County supper club was raided for illegal gambling activities, Ed faced 8 years in prison and a $40,000 fine for paying an undercover agent $5 from a penny video poker machine. He was outraged. For the first time in his life Ed got involved in politics—and he got even. That’s only the beginning.

Ed Thompson’s story is about the determination of a not-so-ordinary guy who refuses to bow to injustice, battling for both himself and others against the forces of a powerful political machine. You can’t help but like him. Ed is gregarious, witty, shrewd, lovable and compassionate—and he’s one heck of a fighter.



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