Ed Thompson’s “Just a Little Common Sense” radio commentary aired on Tomah radio stations WTMB-FM and WBOG-AM from July 11, 2005 to November 27, 2006.

Most of the shows are presented here, in both audio and print formats.


“Half a Billion Here, Half a Billion There” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 21, 2006

Waste and mismanagement pop up again in Wisconsin government.  This time the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau reports that 152 programs for economic development are doling out cash and equivalent incentives to insurance companies, among other recipients.  Ed doesn’t like it.


"Threats to Freedom" [Transcript]

AIRED: August 14, 2006

Ed doesn’t deny that he’s got a temper but he’s managed to keep it
remarkably under control in spite of being a called a crackpot who has
gone off the deep end. He’s not mad at anybody but some folks have
gotten screaming mad at him. Why? Because Ed has the audacity to quote Thomas Jefferson and, for the 3rd week in a row, he defends freedom of speech.


"Freedom 2006" [Transcript]

AIRED: August 7, 2006

Ed visits Kevin Barrett and discovers a few things. Ed says the jury’s
still out as to how he feels about the alleged 911 conspiracy theory,
but he now knows that Barrett is a decent, sincere, thoughtful person.
Unlike some Americans, Ed still believes in freedom and individual rights.


“Kevin Barrett, Truth, and 911” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 31, 2006

Ed doesn't presume to know what caused the events of September 11, 2001, but he does know this: If someone thinks the 911 disaster was a government conspiracy, they ought to be able to express that belief. And they shouldn't lose their job for it.


“Too Many Laws” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 24, 2006

Some people say the problem with our political system is the system itself. Ed points out that the system was created by politicians and bureaucrats.


“Ducky Derby, Part 2” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 17, 2006

Ed can't get the illegality of rubber duck races out of his mind. This time he compares the Wisconsin Lottery with ducky derbies. If you're in favor of what's good for the people, then the duck races win, hands down.


“Ducky Derby Dilemma” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 10, 2006

Authorities vow to stamp out gambling crime running rampant across the Badger State. You’ve probably already guessed that here Ed addresses the problem of charitable rubber duck races.


“Kick in the Head” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 3, 2006

When the IRS goes after athletic associations for ten year olds, you’ve got to think something’s wrong. Ed sure does.


“The Good Old Days” [Transcript]

AIRED: June 19, 2006

Ed reminisces about his childhood in the 1950’s, when life was more like an old-time movie. He’s sorry to say that modern life is too much like a contemporary movie.


“My New World” [Transcript]

AIRED: June 12, 2006

Ed invents his own future world, where the rules and laws control the politicians and the people get to be free.


“Political Shenanigans” [Transcript]

AIRED: June 5, 2006

State way over its head in debt? Political felons eligible for pensions? Not Illinois? Nope, it’s Wisconsin, known for its clean government before the professional pols stepped in.


“Government Resolutions” [Transcript]

AIRED: May 22, 2006

If you say you want a resolution, well, you know, Wisconsin state government is a good place to get a whole bunch.


“Government by the Numbers” [Transcript]

AIRED: May 15, 2006

When a state legislature can generate over 25,000 pages of bills in a little over a year, you know something more than timber resources is in danger.


“Taxpayer Protection in Tax Hell” [Transcript]

AIRED: May 8, 2006

Wisconsin has gained the reputation of being a tax hell for its citizens, and it looks like there’s no hope of protecting the people from the free wheeling spending of professional politicians.


“Biomass!” [Transcript]

AIRED: May 1, 2006

Ed had a dream that politicians were able to solve our nation’s energy problems, but you’ll never guess how they did it.


“The Dulling of America” [Transcript]

AIRED: April 24, 2006

Bureaucrats are as dull and drab and unproductive as you can imagine. As their numbers grow the rest of us may fall victim to their sameness.


“Rights is Rights, Right? [Transcript]

AIRED: April 17, 2006

In the muddle of American law, politics, and bureaucracy, rights are springing up all over the place but the ones that matter, as recorded in The Bill of Rights, are surely being eroded.


“Same-sex Marriage” [Transcript]

AIRED: April 10, 2006

You can marry someone of your own race, your own religion, or your own neighborhood, but if you try marrying someone of your own sex—watch out!


“Fragile Freedom” [Transcript]

AIRED: April 3, 2006

Signs of the erosion of our precarious freedom are apparent but the advice of our Founders often goes unheeded.


“Bricks & Bureaucrats” [Transcript]

AIRED: March 27, 2006

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, has named over 600,000 hazardous substances, including sand and bricks. This is bureaucracy at its finest.


“No Party for You” [Transcript]

AIRED: March 20, 2006

Wisconsin Congressman David Obey introduced a bill that would have the taxpayers pay for House of Representatives elections, which would effectively ensure that only Democrats and Republican could ever run for office.


“Public Money, My Eye!” [Transcript]

AIRED: March 13, 2006

Can you guess what world government would have the audacity to ask its already-burdened taxpayers to contribute to reducing its national debt? It’s the good old US of A.


“Bureaucratic Bungling Bigtime” [Transcript]

AIRED: March 6, 2006

It’s hard to tell which is the bigger tragedy: The destruction wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, or the government ineptitude that has been going on for months afterward.


“Governor Poof!” [Transcript]

AIRED: February 27, 2006

Campaign donations and government contracts have nothing to do with each other—It happens as if by magic!


“No-Logic Gun Ban” [Transcript]

AIRED: February 20, 2006

All the evidence says that concealed carry of weapons reduces crime but Wisconsin’s governor believes otherwise, and proves it with a veto.


“Extortion: Government Style” [Transcript]

AIRED: February 13, 2006

Wisconsin politicians rant about bringing business into the state while the practices of the state Department of Revenue make you think they’re trying to drive business away.


“Public School Monopoly” [Transcript]

AIRED: February 6, 2006

America, the land of free enterprise, the land of competition, the land of opportunity . . . until you consider the public school monopoly on education.


“Danger: Road Construction” [Transcript]

AIRED: January 23, 2006

The road to hell, in Wisconsin at least, is paved not with good intentions but with loads of taxpayers’ money.


“Politicians Feel Real Bad” [Transcript]

AIRED: January 16, 2006

One thing for sure about politicians caught breaking the law, they all feel real bad about it. Real bad.


“Felons at Work” [Transcript]

AIRED: January 9, 2006

Based on the results of a former state senator’s felony conviction, Ed offers a solution for dealing with criminals all over Wisconsin.


“Father Dan” [Transcript]

AIRED: December 19, 2005

A holiday reminiscence about Tomah’s much-loved Parish Priest, Father Dan Kozlowski.


“Freedom of Speech” [Transcript]

AIRED: December 12, 2005

When Ed commented on citizens mistrusting state government, one listener declared that Ed ought to shut up. Ed disagrees.


“Home Schooling” [Transcript]

AIRED: December 5, 2005

The best way to educate our kids might be to not send them to school. It might not work for everybody but it works well for a lot of kids and parents.


“War on Drugs” [Transcript]

AIRED: November 28, 2005

We should have learned from the 1920’s that prohibition is a great way to promote crime, but we are learning it all over again with the War on Drugs. And we’re not very fast learners.


“Mistrusting State Government” [Transcript]

AIRED: November 21, 2005

Wisconsin once had a reputation for clean government but a poll shows that the people know today’s politicians can’t be trusted.


“The Serf” [Transcript]

AIRED: November 14, 2005

Comparing the conditions of the medieval worker with the average taxpayer of today. It might surprise you.


“Taxes, Fees, Etc., Etc., Etc.” [Transcript]

AIRED: November 7, 2005

Government has no problem with tax freezes as long as it can charge additional fees for services that were once paid for with tax dollars.


“Big School Lunch Decisions” [Transcript]

AIRED: October 31, 2005

Wisconsin school administrators are asking the question: Should lunch come before or after recess? Maybe the school administrators don’t have enough to do.


“We the Sheeple” [Transcript]

AIRED: October 24, 2005

If Americans are a free people, then why do so many of us conform to the demands of authority rather than thinking on our own?


“Sure-Fire Diet” [Transcript]

AIRED: October 17, 2005

Ed comes up with his own simple diet plan, and it works!


“Energy Independence” [Transcript]

AIRED: October 10, 2005

Oil isn’t the only way to provide for the country’s energy needs, but it seems difficult to change things.


“State Government Pensions” [Transcript]

AIRED: October 3, 2005

In Wisconsin, nothing is too good for state employees’ pension plans, but the taxpayers might not agree.


“More Guns, Less Crime?” [Transcript]

AIRED: September 26, 2005

You might find it hard to believe, but that’s what research conducted by a respected economist says.


“Wonderful Hemp” [Transcript]

AIRED: September 19, 2005

It was once illegal not to grow hemp in the New World. My, my, how things have changed.


“Fair Tax” [Transcript]

AIRED: September 12, 2005

If some legislators get their way, this could mean an end to the IRS!


“Washington Irving Elementary” [Transcript]

AIRED: September 5, 2005

Ed encapsulates the story of one of the worst schools in the Chicago system, its rise toward success and the destruction caused by a mindless bureaucracy. You can listen to the original National Public Radio show in its entirety at www.thislife.org.


“War on Obesity” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 29, 2005

If the Federal Government takes editorial writer Paul Krugman’s advice, we could be on the road to making fatness illegal.


“Social Insecurity” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 22, 2005

Chile solved their social security problem 25 years ago, so what’s taking so long with the U.S.?


“Healthy Pudgy” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 15, 2005

Scientific conclusions are often contradictory, even when it comes to whether it’s better to be fat or skinny.


“Million Dollar Hospital Bed” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 8, 2005

When no one is responsible, it’s no surprise that health care costs skyrocket.


“Medical Marijuana Madness” [Transcript]

AIRED: August 1, 2005

Marijuana has been recognized as a medicine for thousands of years and ignorant legislation has now demonized it.


“To Ban or Not to Ban” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 25, 2005

Should the government be allowed to ban the use of a legal substance in a private establishment?


“Mosquito Ordinance” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 18, 2005

The Tomah city council doesn’t actually outlaw mosquitoes on private property, but it comes mighty close.


“U.S. Supreme Court Abets Land Grab” [Transcript]

AIRED: July 11, 2005

According to the Supreme Court, it’s okay for developers to seize private property. According to Ed Thompson, it’s not okay.

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